Our whanau groups enable siblings to work and share in learning experiences alongside other students of various backgrounds, ages and levels.These groups are about getting to know each other, helping and supporting each other and having lots of fun. We meet 3 or 4 times a term and share common experiences that celebrate and promote strengths and interests of group members. Have a look at some of the exciting things we do during our whanau times.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Ice Ice Babies! by C6 Whanau

On Monday C6's whanau group played an ice game to see which team could melt their ice cubes the fastest.

Some of the different ways we melted the ice were:
1. Squeezing it

2. Leaving it in the sun
3. Playing pass the parcel with the ice cube
4. Blowing on it
5. Rubbing it on the deck

Our hands were freezing but the game was a lot of fun! At the end, all of our ice cubes had melted into water.

Here are some pictures of us in action.

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